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For over fifty years, Dualit toasters have reflected an attitude that's fundamentally British. Dualit toasters can turn out hundreds of crisp, golden slices per hour. They are gleaming, sturdy, and tough as old boots. And as much a part of British life as toast itself. Today Dualit toasters are recognized as the best in the world. Part of a range of hard-working products they are designed to a standard that remains unsurpassed.

The first Dualit toaster was created by a London engineer in the year 1946, and the design was quickly recognized for its sturdy construction, versatility, and ingenuity. Today, the same attributes are found in Dualit toasters. They are still assembled by hand, and the base plate of each toaster bears the personal mark of the assembler.

Dualit also produces other high-quality products for the home. We invite to browse by using the following link. Also feel welcome to contact us for consulation and personal assistance.

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